Arusha is one of the main cities in northern Tanzania, and is typically the first stop for travelers going on safari or climbing Kilimanjaro. There are more than 120 distinct cultures in Tanzania, and most of them are represented in the Arusha area. Arusha was once the center for the East African Community, an alliance between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, and it continues to be an important center for business and commerce in northern Tanzania. It has been and continues to be host to international peace treaties, conferences, and organizations. The city, which sits on the foothills of Mt. Meru, frequently has views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and even has its own national park.

Current Projects in Arusha
We are currently not working on any projects in Arusha.

Completed Projects in Arusha
Ekenywa Junior Academy Primary School
Kilimani Junior Academy
Kisongo School
Ngyeku Primary School
Sakila Primary School
Sangiti School
School of St. Jude
Shinda Basic School

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