The village of Robanda, located outside Serengeti National Park near the Ikoma Gate, is a strong and politically-minded community that captures the independent spirit of Tanzania. Robanda was settled in the 1950s when the Ikoma, hunters who for hundreds of years had lived on the land that was subsequently designated Serengeti National Park, were relocated to Robanda. In the process they gave up their traditional way of life, but were promised by the Tanzanian government that they would not be relocated again. In recent years, an American businessman leased land and built a private safari camp near Robanda. Eager to expand his reserve, he sought to financially “persuade” the people of Robanda to relocate again. However, the villagers of Robanda, committed to preserving the cultural identity of the Ikoma people, banded together and resisted considerable financial incentives to move.

Current Projects in Robanda
We are currently not working on any projects in Robanda.

Completed Projects in Robanda
Kisangura Primary School
Robanda Primary School

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