Ganako Secondary School

A critical institution of education in Karatu, Ganako Secondary School sits in the heart of the Ngorongoro Highlands and has nearly 700 students. Ganako has achieved academic excellence with high numbers of students passing their exams and qualifying for higher education. The school recently added Form 5 and hopes to add Form 6 in the near future.

Michela’s Room, or more formally, the Michela Harriman Dining and Community Hall, will vastly improve the learning and social environment at Ganako and allow the students to live up to their academic potential. The vision of the Harriman family is for Michela‚Äôs Room to serve not only as a dining hall, but also as a meeting space for the broader community. Fitting with this, they plan to expand the building to enable a larger audience for meetings and events. Additionally, Ganako has partnered with Babson College in Waltham, MA to start an entrepreneurial program based at the school. This aims to teach entrepreneurial skills both to students and to members of the community.

Dear Friends of Michela,

As we prepare for a big step in Tanzania this summer, we recall the comfort we felt from your many expressions of support upon Michela’s death when emptiness seemed infinite. Your thoughtfulness, generosity, and patience kept us from sinking.

Here, after a long silence, is what is happening this summer, along with a little of the “backstory.”

Using the generous outpouring from so many, we will now begin construction of Michela’s Room.  A community center, kitchen, and dining hall will be built for the Ganako Secondary School in Karatu near the Ngorongoro Crater. Michela’s Room is a tribute to Michela’s broad embrace of community. Beyond that, this building is the dream and highest priority request from the School Board and community elders of Karatu. 

Read the full letter from Michela’s family here.

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Completed Projects at Ganako Secondary School
Entrepreneurship Seminar: Completed 2012
Michela's Room: Phase One Completed 2010

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