Sukenya Medical Dispensary

Multiple villages, including Sukenya and Oloipiri, requested that FoTZC partner with the Tanzanian government to build a medical dispensary (the official term for a small health clinic), as the nearest health care facility was 20km away. We worked with the village elders and government officials on a plan to ensure that the dispensary is fully funded, staffed with qualified personnel, and provided with supplies.

We completed construction on the dispensary facility, a 2-in-1 staff house, toilets, an incinerator, a placenta pit, solar power, a windmill to run the pump in a Thomson Safaris-funded borehole, a rainwater collection system on each building, and we fenced the whole area. The dispensary opened in June, 2015, and the government provided supplies and three staff members to work and live there. Many health projects that launch in rural areas struggle to get enough patients and have to make a concerted effort to see even 200 patients a month. Not so in Sukenya! The dispensary staff are currently seeing, on average, over 500 patients per month.

We plan to build additional staff housing so the government can provide more staff to meet the high demand for healthcare in this area!

Current Projects at the Dispensary

2-in-1 Staff House: Target 2017

Completed Projects at the Dispensary

Dispensary Facility: Completed 2015
2-in-1 Staff House: Completed 2015
Toilets: Completed 2015
Incinerator & Placenta Pit: Completed 2015
Solar and Wind Power:  Completed 2015