Delivery of Food Aid to Enashiva

In 2009, East Africa experienced one of the worst droughts in recent memory. The devastation was particularly acute in Maasailand. Entire herds of cattle, the sum of wealth and livelihoods for the Maasai, were wiped out. In August of 2009, FoTZC collaborated with Thomson Safaris to deliver fifty tons of maize to seven drought-stricken villages surrounding the Enashiva Nature Refuge. The Maasai grind the maize into flour to cook a Tanzanian staple dish. Hundreds of Maasai gathered to receive the maize and listen to local and national leaders in the village of Soit Sambu. The maize distribution was overseen by a distinguished Tanzanian member of parliament, a FoTZC board member, and other Tanzanian leaders. The initiative officially launched a development partnership between FoTZC and the Maasai communities surrounding Enashiva.

Delivery of Food Aid: Completed 2009