You've accomplished a lot in 2018 - now let's do even more

In 2016 we set a goal of building five boreholes in three years.   So far, we’ve completed six boreholes which are providing clean, safe drinking water to over 5,000 people, and we’re even planning a seventh.

These achievements were possible because so many of you generously responded to our Water Campaign last year. To you donors we extend a sincere thank you from the thousands of Tanzanians whose lives you’ve changed.

That’s not all you’ve accomplished; 2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year. 16 new toilets have been built at the Haymu primary school, which will keep teachers and students healthier and more able to focus on their education. New staff housing is being built for the Sukenya medical dispensary, allowing this essential facility to employ additional healthcare workers and help more members of the community.

But the year is still young, and there is so much more that you can help accomplish.

Three projects have been identified by community leaders as most essential:                             

  • Two-in-one teacher housing at the Mondorosi school, a requirement before the overcrowded facility can hire more desperately-needed staff.
  • The Sukenya Juu borehole (our seventh), which will improve access to clean, sanitary water for hundreds of community members, and save hours of daily toil for women and girls who can instead focus on education, caring for their families, or furthering their independent businesses.
  • An expansion of our Community Conservation Banking (COCOBA) program, which provides essential training and support to help women in these communities start their own independent businesses.

It will take about $130,000 to achieve these lofty goals, which is why your support is so critical. Every dollar you donate helps make these communities healthier, safer, and more independent.

Thanks to your generosity,  more has been accomplished than we ever thought possible in 2018.

Your support can make this a stellar year for our Tanzanian partner communities.