International Women's Day - Focus on Maasai Women in Tanzania

Thursday, March 8 is International Women's Day and FoTZC would like to congratulate women all over the world for continuing to make great strides forward.  And congratulations to you, our donors, for supporting COCOBA, the economic development program that provides women with the skills and confidence to start and run their own businesses. 
You have invested in women who have received little prior education, who now see themselves as entrepreneurs and valuable members of their communities. This is powerful, as these women have had few opportunities for employment and have not seen themselves as having much impact in a patriarchal society.  Many of these COCOBA women now speak up and participate in decision-making,  especially on issues related to basic social needs.

The program is based on the principles of COmmunity COnservation BAnking, a microfinance method centered on conservation-minded businesses. The profits the women make are reinvested in the program and are used as loans for other women. These lending groups also have community health care funds and social funds to take care of those in extreme financial need.

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Because of you:

  • 234 Maasai women now manage their own environmentally-friendly businesses, up from only five before our COCOBA program started two years ago.
  • In the four initial groups started in 2016, the women have increased their group financial pools by more than 400%.
  • The women spend their profits on school fees, school uniforms, textbooks and supplies, food and medical care.
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On International Women’s Day, you can be proud of how you’ve contributed to changing the lives of these women. And as a member of our FoTZC family, please join us in celebrating the successes of these Maasai women and women worldwide.

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