Father's Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s hard not to think about the goals we all have for our children. Every father knows the importance of a good education. It’s what lets kids grow wings and fly on their own, whether they’re living in Arusha or Arizona.

Thanks to your ongoing generosity, new two-in-one teacher is planned for the Mondorosi school. It’s crucial for allowing the community to hire more teachers, which in turn allows dozens of children to receive an education, children who might otherwise never get that chance.

One generous father, Jason Torrey-Payne, was able to see the need firsthand during a 2013 trip to Tanzania:

Tanzania's wildlife is outstanding, but its people are what truly shine. We were fortunate to meet with locals in the eastern Serengeti. One of my favorite memories is my son playing soccer with the kids with a ball made out of rolled up socks.

We vowed to help the people of Tanzania. Knowing that FoTZC would prioritize where the funds were needed most to help the community gave us peace of mind. We continue to donate to Focus on Tanzanian Communities because the people of Tanzania have a strong place in our hearts.

Jason Torrey-Payne Father's Day Picture (Cropped).jpg

This Father’s Day, please consider honoring a dad by giving the gift of education to the children of Mondorosi. Simply select the “in honor of” field at the bottom of your donation form, and an email will be sent to the special dad in your life, celebrating your gift.

Every father wants to give his children a better tomorrow. Your generosity this Father’s Day can help make that a possibility for the children of Tanzania.