Why FoTZC will use your donation to build our 7th borehole

Water covers 71% of the earth, and makes up 60% of each and every one of us, but it’s something that we often take for granted.

Water is one of the true fundamentals of life but, for so many people, it’s not one they can rely on.

Villagers in remote areas of Tanzania send girls and women on hours-long treks just to fetch it, time they could be spending on childcare, education, or working to support their families. And often, the water they toil so long to secure carries deadly infections like cholera, dystentery, and typhoid. In communities without safe water sources, girls drop out of school more often, women are more vulnerable to sexual attack while collecting it, and the entire community’s health suffers.

That’s why we’ve been so grateful to you for helping build six new boreholes across Northern Tanzania in the past three years. Your generosity has brought clean, safe drinking water to thousands of rural Tanzanians, and the ripple effects are being felt throughout entire communities.

Rather than trekking water all day, these girls are getting an education.

Rather than trekking water all day, these girls are getting an education.

It’s rare that you can say you’ve given the gift of life, but these boreholes are exactly that for hundreds of individuals. We’re asking you to give that gift to the Sukenya Juu community.  It would make life safer, healthier, and more productive for the hundreds of individuals living there.

So many of us are used to taking clean, safe water for granted. By designating your gift to our “Health” projects, your generosity to Tanzanians will be deeply appreciated every single day.

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