FoTZC to Receive Matching Funds!

Dear Friends,

Your donation to FoTZC before July 25, 2014, will be doubled! A very generous donor has offered to match gifts to FoTZC up to a total of $75,000. We are eager to turn the $75,000 into $150,000! The funds are urgently needed to complete two projects as detailed below. Please click here to donate today, or mail a check to: Focus on Tanzanian Communities, 14 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472.

We are excited to announce that we will be breaking ground next week on two major projects: a 2-in-1 teachers’ house (a duplex) at Oloipiri Primary School, and a dispensary (small health clinic), complete with staff housing in Sukenya Village.

Oloipiri Primary School currently has 538 students and eight teachers, but is unable to house all of their teachers. The community asked FoTZC to build teachers’ housing to enable the school to house all of its teachers, which will allow them to request that the government assign additional teachers. On the Directors’ Trip in March 2014, we were impressed by the headmaster, teachers, and students of Oloipiri Primary, and particularly so by the involvement of Oloipiri Village in the school. We are excited to get started on the housing!

In 2010, the women of Sukenya Village told FoTZC that their top priority was to build a dispensary in their village. FoTZC has worked tirelessly over the last four years to turn these women’s dreams of having medical care in their village into reality. Currently, villagers walk 23km (14.3 miles) to access medical care at the district hospital; the journey often prevents people from seeking necessary care. The government has agreed to provide staff, supplies, and operating costs if FoTZC constructs the dispensary facility and staff housing. The dispensary is now projected to serve roughly 6,000 people living in four local villages; it will reach a broader section of the local population than any project in FoTZC’s history.

We are completing these projects at the same time because it is more cost effective given their close proximity to each other. With your generous support, the families of Oloipiri and the villages surrounding Sukenya will have more teachers and an operational health clinic before the end of the year!

Please support the progress being made in these Tanzanian communities by making a tax-deductible donation today. Remember each dollar you are able to give to FoTZC by July 25th will be doubled! Thank you!

Eliza Hatch
Director of Operations