The Focus

Copies of The Focus have arrived! We really enjoyed reflecting on our work over the past year while we wrote this, and we always like thinking about where we are headed in the future. We particularly enjoyed speaking with Hans and Jane Duinmayer of Acme Construction about why they choose to work with FoTZC. They told us:

The main reason we work with FoTZC is that FoTZC is a nonprofit; we feel that Acme Construction is supporting community development through FoTZC by giving students a better studying environment and providing communities with improved health facilities through modern infrastructure like classrooms, teachers’ houses, kitchens, a dispensary, doctors’ housing etc. We provide these high quality buildings at reasonable prices, which we sometimes even subsidize. Acme Construction has put up at least 13 buildings for FoTZC to date. It gives us pride to be given this chance to be part of this process in providing service to the public in this part of Tanzania. It is our hope that FoTZC and the communities are happy with our product.

Thank you to all of our contributors who have made FoTZC projects possible. To view an electronic version of The Focus, click here.