Soit Sambu Secondary School

We have visited Soit Sambu Secondary School a number of times over the last few years, and we have all been impressed by the students, teachers, and particularly the headmaster. The headmaster and the community deeply care about the school, and have worked very hard to build enough facilities for the school. We built a girls’ dormitory there in 2013 because 160 girls were living in the space for 48. It was really exciting to open the dormitory and allow the girls to have more space. In 2014, the headmaster of Soit Sambu Secondary had raised enough money to build a dining hall for the school, and it finally opened in early 2015. Shortly after it opened, we were terribly saddened to learn that one of the boys’ dormitories burned down in an accidental fire. Luckily, no students were injured, but the dormitory was completely destroyed. The boys have had to move into the dining hall until a new dorm can be built.

FoTZC plans to build a new boys’ dormitory at Soit Sambu in 2016. We hope you’ll help us give the boys somewhere of their own to live!

        The former boy's dormitory

        Temporary Living Space in the Dining Hall