Giving Back - Part I

During the holiday season, we wanted to highlight some of our extraordinary donors for their efforts to give back to communities in Tanzania. Their dedication to FoTZC has been outstanding. Thank you to all of our donors and supporters for helping FoTZC to have an outstanding year.

If you would like to donate to FoTZC in honor of a loved one as a holiday gift, please click here and select “Honor Your Loved One”! 

In November 2012, a group of 17 family members and friends booked a Kilimanjaro trek and wildlife safari with Thomson Safaris. Before they ever visited Tanzania, the entire group wanted to give something back to the communities they would visit. Don and Jim, two of the trekkers, host an incredible holiday party each year and invite over a hundred people. They asked their guests to bring donations to FoTZC to the party in lieu of bringing holiday gifts. It was a huge success!

Don and Jim said: Traveling to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro and experience a safari has been on our life-long bucket list! We love to have intense family vacations that create deep bonds and memories. Experiencing and trying new things with friends and family is the ultimate joy for us. We love different cultures, people, wildlife, and languages. We are fundraising because we feel that it is a privilege to be able to take our family on such an extravagant and exotic trip. We realize that most people are not lucky enough to have the means to do so, and we would like to pay it forward.

They did an incredible job. Not only did their whole group summit Kilimanjaro, they raised over $13,000!

Left: Don and Jim at their holiday party. Right: Don and Jim’s house decorated for the holidays!