Introducing Haymu Primary School

We were delighted to visit Haymu Primary School in Karatu for the first time this year. A few years ago, Ayalabe Primary School's student body topped 1,000 children, and the community started working to build new, smaller primary schools in the area to help ease the crowding at Ayalabe. Haymu was one of these new schools.

The construction at Haymu is not entirely finished; Standards Five and Six even share a classroom which has no windows, door, or finishing work. The left side of the room has students in Standard Five and one teacher, and the right side of the room has the Standard Six students and another teacher - imagine your children being able to focus and learn in that kind of environment!

Despite the fact that the school still lacks significant amounts of infrastructure, it's doing incredibly well. Haymu students currently rank 9th out of 101 local primary schools. If you take private schools out of the mix, Haymu ranks 3rd!

We are currently vetting the projects Haymu has proposed, and as soon as we have, we will let you know what the first priority will be at the school. We just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Haymu and its students.