Teachers’ Housing at Nainokanoka

Sitting high up on a hill, overlooking a beautiful valley in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Nainokanoka is one of the schools we have been most proud of since we began working with them in 2001. Nainokanoka asked FoTZC for a 2-in-1 teachers’ house to enable them to request additional teachers from the government. Additionally, the school worked with a Tanzanian NGO to build a large dining hall – they are well on their way to having all of the facilities they need!

Last week, our contractor began construction of the teachers’ housing; we hope to complete the build within a month. The setting of the house is phenomenal, and has a view of the entire valley.

These are some images of the construction of the teachers’ housing, the view from Nainokanoka, and some students at the school.