Ayalabe Primary School

Located near Karatu, Ayalabe Primary School serves the rapidly growing community of the Ngorongoro Highlands and educates roughly 600 students per year, from Kindergarten through Standard Seven. When FoTZC began working with the school in 2007, we experienced firsthand Ayalabe’s outstanding potential and its pressing needs. The children, teachers, and administrators were highly motivated, but were lacking adequate classrooms, books, teaching materials, and latrines. Despite these challenges, a growing proportion of students at Ayalabe were continuing on to secondary school. In 2009, FoTZC constructed two new classrooms at Ayalabe and laid the foundation for three additional classrooms. A former guest of Thomson Safaris worked tirelessly to raise the funds to construct two of these classrooms in 2012.

Completed Projects at Ayalabe

Two Classrooms: Completed 2012
Two Classrooms: Completed 2009
Foundation for Five Classrooms: Completed 2009
Purchase Textbooks: Completed 2008
Construct Latrine: Completed 2007