Orkuyene Primary School

We visited Orkuyene Village for the first time in 2014, and we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome the community gave us. Orkuyene is a young village, and the community got together and decided to build its own primary school. The children from this village currently walk to Oloipiri Primary School, which is nearly two hours each way. Imagine your young child walking two hours each way to school, and in an area with resident wildlife!

The village has managed to build classrooms and a school office, but they have asked FoTZC to build a 2-in-1 teachers' house. This housing is of the utmost importance - Orkuyene is in the middle of nowhere, and the government will not send teachers to such a remote school unless the school can provide teachers with housing. In fact, the housing is the only thing Orkuyene Primary needs to open its doors! We hope to complete this project in the next few years.

Special thanks to Jane Moore, who is raising money for this project through her Pencils and Dreams initiative.

Current Projects At Orkuyene Primary

2-in-1 Teachers' House: Target 2017