Lake Natron School

Years before the founding of FoTZC, Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson, co-founders and co-directors of Thomson Safaris, had taken travelers on adventurous safaris in the Maasailands surrounding Lake Natron, a large soda lake and critical breeding site for flamingos. They quickly developed deep connections with the Maasai and began to support what were, at the time, some of the few rudimentary schools in this remote region. When Judi became a founding director of FoTZC, the organization agreed to provide additional financial assistance to complete the construction of the Lake Natron School. Many of the friendships the Wineland-Thomsons began with parents and students at Lake Natron School years ago continue until today.

Completed Projects at Lake Natron

Four Classrooms: Completed 1998-2001