Sukenya Primary School

Set on a vast plain in Loliondo, Sukenya Primary School serves an increasing number of Maasai children in the greater Sukenya area. Until we built a 2-in-1 teachers' house at Sukenya in 2010, the school only had four teachers for 364 students. Today, there are eight teachers for 400 students, which still falls short of what the school needs. Sukenya shows great promise as more and more Maasai families are sending their girls to school. The students at Sukenya have told us that they want to become doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, and one student said he wanted to be President! We plan to build a new 2-in-1 teachers' house at this remarkable school in early 2016.

Current Projects at Sukenya Primary

2-in-1 Teachers' House: Target 2016

Completed Projects at Sukenya Primary

2-in-1 Teachers' House: Completed 2010