Soit Sambu Secondary School

Primary students from Oloipiri, Orkiu, Soit Sambu, and Sukenya who qualify to atend secondary school typically go to Soit Sambu Secondary School. The school was founded in 2007, and its students are predominately Massai. In 2013, the most pressing need for Soit Sambu was additional dormitory space for girls. There were 160 girls living in the space for 48. This overcrowding was not only uncomfortable; contagious diseases spread among the girls easily and quickly. Additionally, when girls are day students, they have to spend much of their time while at home doing housework instead of studying. The headmaster believes that the education of girls in Maasailand is critical to development, and asked FoTZC to construct a girls’ dormitory to help the school enroll and educate more female students. The dormitory opened in 2013 and has been a huge success. The school has been able to enroll record numbers of female students.

Shortly after opening a new dining hall in 2015, one of the boys’ dormitories burned down in an accidental fire. Luckily no students were hurt in the fire, but the dormitory was completely destroyed. The boys had to move into the newly completed dining hall as they have nowhere else to live. We were troubled by this news, as we know how hard the community has worked to build the school - the cost of replacing a dormitory is not something the community could finance easily or quickly. When the school and district government asked us to build and furnish a new boys' dormitory, we quickly agreed!

completed Projects At Soit Sambu Secondary

Boys' Dormitory: Completed 2016
Girls' Dormitory: Completed 2013
2-in-1 Teachers' House: Completed 2011