Ganako Secondary School

A critical institution of education in Karatu, Ganako Secondary School sits in the heart of the Ngorongoro Highlands and has nearly 700 students. Ganako has achieved academic excellence with high numbers of students passing their exams and qualifying for higher education. The school recently added Form 5 and hopes to add Form 6 in the near future.

Michela’s Room, or more formally, the Michela Harriman Dining and Community Hall, is the beautiful centerpiece of Ganako School. The vision of the Harriman family is for Michela’s Room to serve not only as a dining hall, but also as a meeting space for the broader community. Fitting with this, they plan to expand the building to enable a larger audience for meetings and events. Additionally, Ganako has partnered with Babson College in Waltham, MA to start an entrepreneurial program based at the school. This aims to teach entrepreneurial skills both to students and to members of the community. The next phases of the project are to complete the infrastructure for Michela's Room and to open an Entrepreneurship Center in Karatu with Babson College.

The most critical part of the infrastructure plan is to drill a borehole to provide the school with sufficient water. The community water and rainwater catchment systems cannot provide adequate water for the more than 700 students at Ganako, so the new borehole will distribute water to various parts of the school, including the new kitchen, which is also part of this phase of the project. The kitchen will be fueled by a bio-gas system, and will have ample hand-washing stations, as well as secure food storage, enabling the school to buy food when prices are low.

Over the past two years, FoTZC has partnered with the Harriman family and Babson College, and Babson has run three Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (BELA) courses, with two additional courses scheduled for the coming year. These courses are a one-week immersion in entrepreneurial thought and action for local secondary school students. Babson is working with the Harriman family to open a permanent Entrepreneurship Center in Karatu; two Babson graduates will receive fellowships to live in Karatu and work with the local schools, the Tanzanian Chamber of Commerce, and aspiring entrepreneurs as consultants, trainers, and mentors. 

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Completed Projects at Ganako

Phase Two of Construction: Target 2017
Creation of Entrepreneurship Center: Target 2017
BELA Seminars: Ongoing
Phase One of Construction: Completed 2010