Robanda Primary School

Robanda Primary School sits just outside the western reaches of Serengeti National Park in Robanda Village. Seven teachers educate Robanda’s approximately 400 students in standards one through seven. The Ikoma people of Robanda strongly value education, and the school is highly ranked at both district and regional levels. Since 2005, almost all students have passed their secondary school entrance examinations. Having previously built classrooms and donated textbooks to Robanda, FoTZC built three teachers’ houses and finished construction of the headmasters’ home. Due to its remote location, Robanda desperately needed new housing to attract and retain quality teachers.

“FoTZC has brought so much development to our school,” said Yohana Makongo, Robanda’s headmaster. “The teachers will be stable and in good living conditions and can focus on education.”

With a dedicated headmaster, an energetic teaching staff, an enthusiastic student body, and a supportive community, Robanda Primary School has a very bright future.

Completed Projects at Robanda Primary

Kitchen with High-Efficiency Stoves: Completed 2011
Four Teachers' Houses: Completed 2009
Purchase Textbooks: Completed 2009
One Classroom: Completed 2006